Sunday, July 8, 2007

NYC, Lots of fun and a Tour de Toilets

Bud, Sissy, Daddy, and I took the train up to New York for the weekend. We left Richmond at 6a. The kids were fascinated by the train despite being woken up at 5a. Every time the whistled blew, they would chime in, "Toot, toot!"

Having keen mommy insight, I made sure we sat at the back of the car near the restrooms. I knew this was a smart move, but I really didn't know how smart. Shortly after the train left the station, the tour began...

Sissy had to go potty. I broke out the trusty potty seat and we headed off to the handicapped potty. Over the next 6 hours, Sissy went 5 more times. She even got lucky when Daddy took her once. The "big" potty was occupied. So, she got to tour the other. Upon arriving at Penn Station, we snuck into a potty at a Restaurant in the subway.

The kids were very excited to ride the subway for the first time. Bud was equally excited having spotted a rat in the subway station. He spotted an even bigger one at the next station. We arrived at the station close to our hotel. We stepped out on to the street. Daddy said, "What do you think of all the tall buildings?" Bud responded promptly, "Look there's a birdie!"

We arrived at the hotel and checked our luggage. One more trip to the potty for Sissy and we were on our way. We went for pizza at a Ray's (not sure if it was the Famous, the Original, or the Original Famous- ay!) and Sissy made sure to visit the potty there as well. We headed to Times Square. We rode the ferris wheel in TRU. A ferris wheel in a toy store. Could it get any better than this?

After we left TRU, we passed by the Naked Cowboy. DS had a tatoo on his arm that said something like "Jesus Rocks" from VBS the day before. Naked Cowboy told Bud how he liked Bud's tattoo and showed him his own tattoo of Jesus on his arm. Bud's eyes got real wide and he proceeded to chat up the Naked Cowboy. Sorry, no picture for that one. That would have been creepy.

After naptime at the hotel, we took another subway ride and hit a few more stops. In Herald Square, Sissy and I ran into H&M where she decided she need to potty. No mercy from the staff for a mommy and a 2 year old. We left and walked next door to Victoria's Secret as they were closing. The female security guard did take mercy on us and let us sneak in to use the potty (bless you, VS security guard). Sissy and I would give the VS potty zero stars. Luckily we had the trusty potty seat and some tissues in our tote. We headed back to the hotel for some shut eye.

We were up bright and early Saturday. We headed down to breakfast. You gotta love the Hampton Inn- super friendly for families. Certainly not an organic breakfast, but the kids did enjoy their first (and only) experience with Apple Jacks. They must think it's a NY food. We swung by the Today Show. Ian pronounced it boring. We walked over to Rockefeller Central (very clean potties in the concourse, btw). The kids really enjoyed the fountains and little gardens. It's amazing how they see the wonder in things that adults just gloss over. We headed up to Central Park Zoo after Rockefeller.

We really enjoyed the Sea Lions. It's hard to see, but the sea lion is in right behind Bud's and Sissy's reflection.

After we visited all of the animals, we headed over to the Children's Zoo. Sissy is usually not that excited about getting pictures taken, but she loved the photo ops here.

We headed over to FAO Schwarz. This place is just as amazing to me as the first time I set foot inside over 20 years ago. Sissy and I oogled the Corolle doll area while Daddy and Bud checked out the Hot Wheels Garage. After visiting the potty, Sissy spotted the Alex art center. She painted a couple pictures. She did not want to leave. We finally left and hit a deli around the corner. Then we made our way back to the hotel for naptime. Daddy took a nap with the kids while mommy slipped out to shop in SoHo. After naptime, we ate dinner at a little mexican restaurant. The staff was fascinated with Sissy and Bud. Bud is quite the conversationalist. Sissy just looks on shyly.

Day 3 of our adventure, we headed down to catch the Staten Island Ferry. This a great, free, family activity. The potties are very clean, too. We arrived back to the dock and headed to Little Italy for lunch. I love Sundays in the summer, when Mulberry Street is closed and all the tables are lined up on the sidewalk. While Daddy, Bud, and Sissy waited for our lunch specials to arrive, I ran up to Ferrara's to grab cannolis. Lunch was tasty. The potty was tiny but clean.

It was time to head to the train station. We took a cab to the hotel I was staying at for work the next few days. I checked in and then walked Daddy, Bud, and Sissy to Penn Station. Daddy was a little nervous having to get the kids on the train by himself. I took Sissy to the potty (not bad). I grabbed pretzels for the kids to snack on. I found a porter and asked if he could tell us the platform for the train. He escorted us to the train. What a kind man. I was able to help Daddy get the kids on the train and settled well before they announced the platform for departure.

It was a wonderful trip. We can't wait to go back.

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