Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Super Ninja Bug Catcher

Our little girl, Sissy, is quite obsessed with bugs. If there is a bug within 50 feet of her, she will zero in and find it. Usually that consists of her squatting over it yelling, "Dis a bug! Dis a bug!" My son will often come to the rescue, mommy's croc in hand, to give it a good whack. Not so bad, right? Well, it wouldn't be if he would get something to clean it up and dispose of it properly. It's taken a little while, but I've figured out if one croc isn't where I left it, beware when I pick it up.. But, I digress.

As always, Sissy want to be just like her big brother, Bud. Though she doesn't it have it in her to smack the bugs, yet. I was working from home yesterday as I usually do, but today both kids were home. Daddy stayed home as well to care for the kids while I worked. After they had lunch, Daddy came bounding up the stares smiling from ear to ear. "Our daughter took a plastic cup and caught a fly on the back door. She has ninja like reflexes, honey, she caught a fly!" He was truly proud. It was sweet. He went on with the story. "I got rid of the fly. But Bud was very upset, he and Sissy had wanted to keep it as a pet."

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