Monday, February 16, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Monday- Rice cooker mac n cheese
Tuesday- Cici's for the RM Fundraiser

Wednesday- Hamburgers/Veggie Burgers

Thursday- Burritos/Burrito casserole

Friday- Homemade Pizza night (we might get crazy and do calzones)

Saturday- Adventure Night- Japan- Pork terriyaki for the family tofu terriyaki for me

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adventure Night

We alternate pizza night and adventure night every Friday and Saturday. This past Saturday adventure night was fondue. We started with a mozarella and cheddar fondue with homemade bread, apple, and carrot dippers. The kids were very into the forks and dippers. They weren't terribly excited about the cheese fondue. Mark and I thought it rocked. What the kids really liked was the chocolate fondue. Imagine that! We had apples, pineapple, and pears to dip. Sissy even tried bread and carrots in the chocolate.

Mark made the fondue, I prepared the dippers. It was mess to make and a mess to clean up, but we'll still do it again some time.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sissy Style

Yes, I let her wear this to school minus dad's Oakleys. I at least convinced her to wear her black maryjanes instead of her pink and grey tennis shoes. When she gets older, she's going to think we were nuts letting her leave the house dressed like this.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Mark and I have been menu planning together for a few weeks. We haven't followed everything exactly. Even if we do not cook what was scheduled every night, it helps to have the ideas on paper. Menu planning is much more effective when we are both involved.

Last night while he fixed the kids dinner, I started 3 dinners for this week. In 2 hours, we had 4 meals completed and I had cleaned th
e kitchen. When he was getting lunch ready, Mark also started marinating pork for another meal. Most of what I needed to cook was already in the freezer or pantry. I only had to pick up a couple items to make the meals.

Sunday: shepherds pie *done
Monday:Pork terriyaki *done
Tuesday: Baked Ziti *done
Wednesday: Hamburgers/Veggie Burgers on Homemade buns
Thursday: Pot pie *done

Friday: Pizza night
Saturday: Adventure night, Fondue

When the rest of the family eats meat, I just eat the sides and sub veggie protein.

I think we are getting the hang of this.

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