Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's been a while

I've said it before, and I will say it again- time flies. It's been busy around here! I feel terrible when this much time passes without a post. I finally get to pick up my completed business taxes today when Daddy goes to get his business taxes done. You would think after 3 years of last minute tax prep, I'd have followed through on my desire to finish it up early. I could provide a litany of really good reasons, but it doesn't take away the stress! I will say that I have everything up to date in our accounting system for this year so far. Once I finalized tax prep, I was motivated to get a jump start for 2008. You gotta work it when you can!

Besides tax prep, the children, the full-time job, and orders for the business, I have managed to do a little sewing for the family. I completed a couple projects that had been sitting on my sewing table for an embarrassingly long time. First up, a shirred waist skirt for Sissy.

She has worn this little skirt so many times already. She does wear it out with more than this little t-shirt. Ignore the scrap paper on the floor and our Roomba in the background! She wouldn't pose for a picture until Daddy tempted her with a photo shoot. Then, she twirled, posed, and did a little strut.

I finished a pair of boxers, but have to find my other camera to post that picture. I started them for Bud, but it took so long for me to finish them they don't fit him. Sissy can wear them and posed for a picture. Our little guy on the way this summer will get to wear them eventually. They are made out of a vintage looking cowboy print.

I have also finally started some sewing for our new little guy. So far, I've managed to make some cloth wipes and hemp fleece pre-folds to add to our cloth diaper stash. Here's a sample:

And a little something else I accomplished, comfy knit pants:

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