Sunday, August 24, 2008


I think she has seen a little too much Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Skunk. We don't even have cable (and no antennae) so she's only seen Kung Fu Skunk at her Nana's and Pop Pop's. I was upstairs nursing the baby when Bud came upstairs to report that Sissy had given herself stripes. I asked him to send her up. He responded, "she's already coming up." He turned his back to me as Sissy breached the steps to my room crawling and growling. That's when I realized why he hadn't come sooner. He didn't notice that she was striping herself with a black Sharpie until she went to work on him. The back of his neck had stripes on it. Oh, and a spot on his ear, too. I think that happened when he turned his head to see what she was up to. So, I asked Sissy about her stripes. She quickly explained, "I'm a white tiger." She brought me the marker and said she understood she wasn't to draw on anything other than paper. We'll see...

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