Monday, December 24, 2007

All She Wants for Christmas

We started asking Sissy after Thanksgiving what she wanted for Christmas. She responded, "Marshmallows". It's the only the she's said. Over and over. On Friday, we went to the Radio City Christmas show. Sissy was entranced. When she saw Santa come on stage she said, "I want to tell Santa that I want marshmallows. After the show, she was upset that we couldn't go down to tell him. We finally get through to her that we were going to see Santa at Macy's Santaland after lunch. We stood in line for quite a while and she decided that she had to pee right before we got there. I ran her downstairs and just made it to the potty. We ran back upstairs when DH called to let me know that he'd convinced the elves to let him stand to the side and let me rejoin them. They don't let anyone do that. Whew! We get back in line and are routed to 1 of the 6 santas (so smart). Sissy walked up to him holding her brother's hand and said, "Santa bring me marshmallows for Christmas." The Santa was so good and talked to the kids more than any Santa we've ever been to in Richmond. It really helps when you are in a separate room with no one staring. It took a bit of convincing, but we got Sissy up on Santa's knee. We managed two pictures, one without a scowl. We thanked Santa and the Elves and went around to view the pictures. As we are choosing a picture package, Sissy pronounced to the cashier, "Santa bring me marshmallows for Christmas." The manager and cashier got a chuckle. BTW, did you know that Santa is from Brooklyn?

On the train ride home, we had our own Christmas miracle. After moving forward because they were dropping the last 3 cars in DC, we ended up sitting by a young woman that was a Nanny. The kids were sitting together and she was getting a kick out of them. Sissy turned to her and said, "Santa bring me marshmallows for Christmas." For those of you who know her, you know Sissy doesn't talk to just anyone much less start a conversation with someone she doesn't know. They proceeded to have a great conversation where Sissy explained that she wanted pink and white marshmallows. She told the girl about her whole trip. Sissy walked over to me and said, "Say hi mommy. She's a girl." Bud who will talk to the wall joined in. She managed to get the kids to take turns talking without arguing. The last 2 hours of the train ride were so easy thanks to our Christmas angel, Chelsea.

Well, I'm off to buy some marsmallows. Big ones, small ones, and hopefully some pink ones.

Pictures of the trip to come...

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