Thursday, December 20, 2007

NYC, a blueberry, and an averted ER trip

Bud NEVER stuck anything up his nose (except his finger). Sissy decided that tonight she'd give it a shot. For those of you that don't know, we are in NYC until Sunday with the kids and the in-laws. Without going through the horrid detail, I ended up back at the hotel room with Sissy instead at dinner at Ruby Foo's with the rest of the family. Everything was okay, we were watching a movie and I was working. After the 4th trip to go potty, she ran out of the bathroom while I was going. I found her with the container of dried blueberries I packed for snack. After bringing her back to the bathroom to wash her hands, I really didn't mind her snacking. That was until she informed me that she stuck one up her nose and it wouldn't come out. I tried holding the other nostril and her blowing. Nope. She's now really upset. I call Daddt and told him to get back quickly. I called the front desk for the nearest hospital. Then, I remembered I knew someone with a little experience in this territory. I called my mommy friend, Tiffany, to have her explain the technique for extracating foreign objects from toddler noses. Thank heavens she answered.

Sissy was being a terror at this point. "Stay away. I don't want you." I called Daddy and told him he better get back quick. I told him the technique that Tiffany explained. He at first refused. But when he got back, he'd thought about it. I held her down, put my finger over the opposite nostril, and he put his mouth over hers and blew. Out fell the whole blueberry covered with mucus. I can kind of chuckle about it now, but man I was not laughing then. I did not want to have to go to the ER in New York. Thanks, Tiffany. I just wanted you to know that something positive has come out of your experience!

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