Friday, February 29, 2008

The scissors fasincation and the mullet

Sissy has a fascination with scissors. She actually snuck a pair in her bag from preschool the other day. She showed them to me on Wednesday before dinner. She had taken them on Tuesday. But that's not when it happened. Yesterday, yesterday around 6p. That's when it happened. Sissy had been watching Signing Times on the Tivo while I took a call for work. She paused the show and wandered off. After about 15 minutes, I headed down to find her. She came running up to me. It was a bit dark in the kitchen. Her hair was all matted against her head. "Sissy, have you been playing in water?" "No..." she said as she put her hands to her head and took off running. "Sissy, come here!" She ran off and walked back to me and presented me with a pair of my scissors. Scissors that had been in a drawer in my sewing room. "I did this", she said as she handed me the scissors. I flipped the light switch on. "Oh, my heavens!" She was covered with hair. Long beautiful strands of hair. She took the scissors to her hair. It was chopped short in the back. Three bald spots. I was so upset. I cried and cried. I called Daddy who was on his way home. Thankfully, he didn't laugh. She said she didn't know why she did it. I know why. She loves how scissors work. I let her use her scissors on my fabric and ribbon scraps while I sew. She loves picking out scraps, cutting them, and pasting them. I'm surprised I didn't find her with the glue stick decorating paper with her hair, quite frankly.

After Daddy arrived, I composed myself and headed to a meeting for my mommies group. I was late and red eyed from crying. I shared the horror I had experienced and cried once again. Everyone was so sweet. I've laughed a little about it today and cried a little more. Bad mommy. My scissors. I wasn't with her. I could go on. But I remind myself, it will grow back.

Here's the picture I snapped of the mullet she styled herself. We had just arrived at the salon. Holly was assessing the situation.

Holly was so sweet. I told her to try to "stack" it in the back and do a bob. The ladies in the salon all gathered around to see. Miss Yu even interrupted her standing Friday appointment to come assess the situation. Celestine's jaw dropped. (I've know Miss Yu for almost 30 years and Celestine a good 20.)Holly worked hard. Fine, thin hair is not terribly easy to layer. But Holly managed to create a style.

Here's Sissy's first sassy haircut.

Miss Yu's client shared a story of how her 3 year old and 5 year old grandchildren had cut each other's hair. Another woman shared a story of how she'd smeared lipstick all of the wall and her mother never stopped telling the story. Everyone was so supportive. Sissy says she understands that she is never to use scissors without Mommy or Daddy around (or Nana or her teachers). She also said she won't cut her own hair again. I can only hope...

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